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  Composition Of Human The Body

Trivial Facts


Approximately 80 - 100 trillion cells

Approximately 1 billon cells must be replaced every hour - 24 billion cells every day
A section of skin the size of a quarter, 1/20th of an inch thick contains
 Over 3 million cells
 36 inches of blood vessels
 144 inches (4 yards) of nerves
 1,300 nerve cells
 100 sweat glands
Each cell contains 300-800 "power plants" - mitochondria
Each mitochondria in liver cells has about 5,000 respiratory units; in heart cells about 20,000 respiratory  Units
There are 1,600 types of protein, each made up of a different number and combination of about 20-22 amino acids (enzymes are one type of protein)
Each cell must contain from 50,000 to 100,000 enzyme systems ready to go to work in a millionth of a second

Every Biochemical Reaction Depends Upon A Chemical Response Triggered And Controlled By A Specific Enzyme System


To Carry On The Life Process, Each Cell Must Digest Constructive Food, Excrete Wastes, Repair Itself, And Carry On Other Essential Functions.


Each Cell Requires All The Known And Unknown Elements Of  Nutrition



The extracellular matrix material (often described as the excelsior of the body) is a viscous, complex, cobweb-like network of interacting molecules including collagens, glycoproteins that include a substances called fibronectin.  It was found by Maya Sieber-Blum of John Hopkins University that this extracellular matrix will induce cells to alter their differentiation program - if the amount of fibronectin increases, a pigment cell may begin to acquire the properties of a cell of the peripheral nervous system.


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