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Allergy Research Group®

Product Category Index

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Allergy Research Group® Information

Amino Acids

Antioxidant Formulas

Bio-Energetic (cellular) NutrientsBioflavonoid Formulas 
Brain SupportComprehensive Nutrient Formulas
Essential Fatty AcidsEye Support
Gastrointestinal Nutritional SupportGlandular, Organic, Support
Hormone SupportImmune Support
Liver SupportMetabolic Support
Microbial (micro-organism) BalancersMineral Products
Multiple Vitamin & Mineral FormulasMusculoskeletal Support
ProbioticsSelenium Products
Specialty ProductsVitamin B Products
Vitamin C ProductsVitamin D Products
Vitamin E ProductsVitamin K Products

*Hypoallergenic Defined:  According to Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary "hypoallergenic" is defined as:  "Diminished potential for causing an allergic reaction."   Allergy Research Group® defines hypoallergenic as "Free of all common allergens", specifically, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, yeast, dairy, and eggs.  Many very sensitive individuals who reach to supplements in general, are able to tolerate Allergy Research Group® product.  Since our inception in 1979, we have been using only the purest, and whenever possible, the lowest allergy potential natural ingredients.  And while many of the nutrients in our formulas are synthesized from natural substances (plant sources), which as a whole may contain antigens, the synthesizing process removes the molecules of the desired nutrient from the original substance, and in the processing a great percentage of the antigens and allergens are left behind.  The final material then has extremely low allergy potential.  This is not to say that no one will react to any of our hypoallergenic formulas, as some extremely sensitive people may.  However, the potential for an allergic reaction is low, and the feedback from many of our extremely allergic and sensitive customers is that Allergy Research Group® supplements are the only products they are able to tolerate.  (For further information about Allergy Research Group, click on their information link above)

Any statements on Natural Health DOC relating to these products from Allergy Research Group® products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  These product from Allergy Research Group ® are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  All Trademarks "" or Registered Marks "®"on these pages are the sole property of Allergy Research Group®

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